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This is FIERCE.  

Welcome,  I am so delighted you are here.

There was a fruit stand near where I went to school in Paris with the words BIENVENUE over the door. My husband Brian, also a student and a sweet acquaintance at the time looked at that sign and said why does the sign say,  “good coming?” He failed to see properly translated it was the word, Welcome. The word Bienvenu when broken into its two bits is literally “good coming”.

I wonder in stopping by where you have come from. Has it been good; or has it been hard?

Life ebbs and flows, rises and falls from good to bad, hard to less hard and from fear to fierce.

I wish I could understand God’s handiwork here.  Why He allows certain things for certain people.  And how in the whole discovery of it all we find Him.

But I know that we do.

In writing this book, in visiting this site; I want you to feel welcome. I want us to take FIERCE and break it into bits. We will walk and talk these bits together. I cannot say I have arrived at fierce, but I am farther from fear than when I started. I pray you will find the same.

I want you to feel the joy of knowing we are in this together. I want you to know that fear is a place we can walk away from and FIERCE is a place we can all go. It is paved with the foundation of faith; it invites the Holy Spirit. It rejoices in His presence and it helps us understand why we are on this journey.

let's journey together

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