Of all the decisions we make, every minute of every day, one of the most important is how we see the world.
Do we look with open wild eyes or squinted screams?
Do we imagine better, or embrace bad?
Do we ask why, or why not?
Do we speak up, or shut up?
Do we recoil from the mirror, or rejoice in the reflection?
Do we feel freed or fenced by the walls of unmet expectations?

We can panhandle positive, or we can be passionately sure.
We can be sure that we serve a God who sees the end from the beginning, and in the middle where you and I live, He is doing big things.
Big things that put us on the mountain and in the valley.
Big things that fire our hearts to leap and little things that hold our souls to listen.

If we choose to step out and step in, we do not stall in what we see, but dance in what we know

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